About Us

About Najmadin Group:

Like any other human being, one of the important value for business owners is their willpower which is some thing they can be proud of . we do take pride in possessing such attribute too .

since as a working family , we start our business small opening an office in downtown slemani . we work for and under the guideline of our father . our capital was professional integrity and having a clear conscience. 

Just as the main root of all wealth and prosperity comes first with Gods will and then the role and wil of the worker , workers as humans can take pride in their determination .That’s why we as working generation proudly announced the commencement of our businesses in a shop in Sulaimaniyah Under the supervision of consulting our father , The to our success has been authenticated through our honesty and integrity , and this had led us  to where we are now and we are aiming higher , We endeavor has always been to serve our land and nation and preserve a beautiful Kurdistan and fortunately .

The company was established in 1989 to manufacture variety of concrete products for burgeoning construction industry of sulaimanya and surrounding areas. The factory uses cutting edge technologies choice of high grade raw materials, modern machinery, highly skilled and trained workforce of more than 300 employees to keep pace with the ever increasing specifications & quantity requirements. Our company holds: class identification of the companies/ first degree/ main specialist in construction number 334 on 4th of December

2000 –presidential of ministry council–ministry of planning- and identity number 788 of sulaimanya/Kurdistan union contractor. It has three main branches in turkey-mercin.