Najmadin factory for ready mixed concrete factory 1-2-3


Our Company owns three factories for producing concrete with developed technologies. Two fixed factories each one of them can produce (280 m³) concrete per an hour and one mobile concrete factory that can produce (120 m³) concrete per an hour.

The factories operate by a qualified and professional team that has well-known about ready mixed
concrete. Our company owns:
o33 Truck mixer with variable sizes that can hold (6, 8, 11,12)
m of concrete
o5 concrete pump trucks German type (SHWING):
50 meters - 43 meters - 38 meters - 34 meters - 34 meters
o 10 cement silos; capable of storing 1000 ton cement.
o Several machines like: loader, water tanker…. Etc.
License labs by using developed checking tools and advanced experiment for achieving the best checking results and global specialty supervising by well-informed impersonate. Controlling part of ready mixed concrete for achieving the best results. The huge projects of sulaimanya successfully with Najmadin concrete factory cooperating and doing construction works because of the good quality of products and the speed of delivering and also because of the location of the factory witch located in the center of the city, it is a positive reason for protecting the ingredients of the concrete.

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