Najmadin Company for General Trading

Najmadin Company has a great expertise knowledge in the general trading field like

.food, corn, vegetable and fruits.

Mob : +964 53 3183686



Food trading:

The company’s specific production trade mark is (Diya) for beans and oil beside this, trading all of the types of corn and food (chickpea, lentil, spice, flour, corn, paste, egg….)

Mobile: 07701520553


-   Fruit and vegetable trading:

Our  company owns 7  freezer stores for  storing 985  ton  of  fruit and  vegetable and contains some simple stores for keeping laundries.

The company doing the biggest Banana trading that yearly brings around 16850 ton of banana that 8425 ton is for Iraq and 8425 is for Iran despite of wide trading in the deferent types of other vegetable and fruits like (orange, lemon, tangerine, pomegranate, pineapple, Apple, tomato, cabbage….)

Mobile:: 07701520554


Household Electrical Appliances trade:

Najmadin company is doing merchandising activities in the field of electrical materials: the main agent (PROFILO) in Iraq for household electrical materials like (fridge, washing machine, and dish washer, split…) of all types. And for the first time a big center opened by company in the name (NEC) specified for electronic machines that include all the electrician brands.


Ceramic tile and construction gadget:

Najmadin Company is the main agent of (GRESPANIA) In Iraq, in the fields; Tile and ceramic trading, Spanish limestone within the availability of different types and sizes.

And the main agent of (Y-TONG) for producing cement (OPC and sulfate resistant cement) and cermston block. Najmadin Company also trade (PVC) doors and windows by bringing them from turkey.


Vehicle trading:

One of the new trading that Najmading Company dealing with is being the Central agent of (Koluman-Mercedes) which is specialized in large vehicle, cement concrete mixer truck, variable concrete pump truck, cleaning service vehicle and many other different types of vehicles.