NMR Company for trading / construction and Buildings

NMR Company for trading / construction&Buildings

 We have supplied to large no. of prestigious projects and deferent activity and works which are factories, contracts, general trading and fixed project.

Our project area range is as follows:





     Area (square meter)

Company center

5000 m²

Diya carpenter factory

6500 m²

Concrete factory 1-2

13500 m²

Concrete factory 3

5000 m²

Block factory

6000 m²

Concrete additive production (factory)

2500 m²

Brad storage for storing fruits

4000 m²

Tile storage

6000 m²

Profilo electrical martial

3000 m²

Sandwich panel ready building factory

4500 m²

Mobile equipment parking area

10000 m²

Kurdistan mall and hotel Ramada

7000 m²



This is beside of the locations of the projects that each project according to its specialty and necessity has their own station.


Address : Najmadin Group Company - Sualimani – Kurdistan Mall –Salim Street - Flow No 1 Falat No :22

Tel : +964 53 3202209  3201003   3201004