Najmadin for CONCRETE

Our Company owns two factories for producing concrete with developed technologies. Each one of them can produce (1200m³) concrete per an hour and one mobile concrete factory that can produce (120m³) concrete per an hour. The factories operate by qualified and professional team that has well-known about ready mixed concrete. Our company owns:33 Truck mixer […]


Alle dairy farm established in 2018 at Khurmal in Halabjah governorate. The farm was built on an area of 61,250 square meters. The aim of the projAlle dairy farm established in 2018 at Khurmal in Halabjah governorate. The farm was built on an area of 61,250 square meters. The aim of the project is to […]


ASC Plastic, which acts as a principle of quality management, produces PVC windows and doors via modern machines and lines in the light of latest technological developments. ASC Plastic, whose aim is to attain the product and service quality without any mistakes, has all the current certificates of quality within the framework of international quality […]


One of the necessary plans in the reconstruction movement in the asphalt production plants. In 2015, Najmadin company established a factory to produce the concrete floor. It is managed by a group of specialized engineers. The factory is a branch of one of the worlds› famous brands (Harman). This factory can produce 2500 square meters […]


Our company owns a big stone crusher plant that have the capacity of crushing (150 ton of stone /1 hour), and also Sand and gravel washing plant helix and quarry shape. beside the needs of the ready concrete factory, it also provides a part of local market needs.


Kani for the concrete block is another Najmadin company factory for producing and preparing blocks with a variety of sizes and shapes, by using the best and latest machines under the supervision of experts in producing blocks.


One of the properties of this company is the digging, cutting and transporting constructional and soil martial services by depending on new technological vehicles including (20) meters squared transporting tracks and chains with different sizes (210, 280, 350, 400, 450, 470) which are made by HITACHI. A (90) meter KAWASAKI shovel and many other vehicles […]


Idea is professional trading for producing admixture and grinding aid material for concrete and cement; we are always attempting to reach the technical construction to the highest degree. The main purpose ideology and the policy of our works are to serve the country and provide the information which is used worldwide and it was deprived […]

Dya Carpenter

Dya carpenter factory is another factory which is owned by our company. The factory is for manufacturing variety types of furniture like (kitchen cupboards, bedrooms, table, and shelf) with the best quality. Inside the factory, there is a special section which is specialized for doing all types of carpenter and decoration job. Again, this factory […]